Itching, scratching, irritation - no matter how you call it, this problem can occur in every woman. But what if you notice that the itching is concentrated around the chest? Itching is a very common phenomenon, and there are several very common causes of its appearance in the breast area in women. We will tell you how to deal with this problem!

The main causes of itching in the mammary glands


On average, a woman wears a bra 10 hours a day. If you multiply this amount by 5 or even 7 days, it turns out that this kind of underwear is dressed for a very large amount of time. The use of synthetic detergents and conditioners during washing often causes irritation on the mammary glands. This is due to the fact that the fabric is in contact with the skin for a long time. Whether you know it or not, your skin can be sensitive, so think about replacing your usual cleanser with something softer.


The main causes of itching in the mammary glands

This is the general condition of the skin that is caused by problems in the immune system. With her on the skin appear bright red, dry and itchy scales. They can appear anywhere on the body, including the chest. They say that exposure to the sun makes the symptoms easier. So it's time to think about the vacation! Find a beach where you can sunbathe topless.

Prickly heat

Sweating is another similar problem. Someone right now suffers from it. Often, sweating appears under the mammary glands at the point of contact with the bra. Try to hold a cold compress in this place for 5-10 minutes, take a break and repeat the procedure.

"Those days

The main causes of itching in the mammary glands

During the menstrual cycle, there are so many hormonal changes in the woman's body that itching of the breast can become another symptom. We added it to the list! So think about what is now the period of your cycle - itching can pass earlier than you think.


The main causes of itching in the mammary glands

It sounds scary, but do not be afraid. This problem often occurs in nursing mothers, but other women can suffer from mastitis. The mammary ducts and nipples can crack and become infected, leading to pain and itching. If symptoms increase, you need to see a doctor.

You can ignore simple itching, but if it becomes an ongoing problem, it can affect everyday life! We hope that we have given you some idea of ​​why itching and irritation can occur on the breast, and how to deal with them.