A few billion people on this planet have mammary gland, but how much do we know about them? A lot of attention is paid to the appearance of the breast, and not how it affects the rest of your body and life. If you are a representative of the fair sex or know someone who is interested in issues of health of the female breast, it's time to learn something new.

10 facts about the chest, which not everyone knows

Below you will read 10 facts about the female breast, about which you probably did not hear. Since not all information pertains to the owners of beautiful female forms, we believe that everyone can learn something useful from these little-known facts. So, attention!

10. Mammary glands are usually not symmetrical

The female breast is most symmetrical during ovulation (for the majority it is 14-16 days of the cycle). But it's perfectly normal that mammary glands are not exactly the sameIronically, the left is usually a little more.

9. You can change the shape of your chest.

The type of bra that you wear (if worn) can affect whether your breasts will hang over time. If you sleep on your stomach, this too can change the shape of your chest. Chemical substances (for example, in cigarettes) can destroy elastin in the chest, and it will hang.

8. They also have men

Well, something like that. Although we do not say that men have "mammary glands," they still have nipples and breast tissue, and they are also susceptible to breast cancer, as well as women.

7. Your bra is not the size

About 80% of women wear improper size bra, which can lead to health problems, such as back pain, headaches, and even digestive upset. Not to mention that this can change for the worse the way you look. A good bra plays a very important role.

6. Extra nipples - this is normal

Extra nipples - sounds a little scary and, as if from the world of science fiction, but in fact it happens not so rarely and does not cause problems. About 6% of the population has this feature.

5. There are problems with mammary gland dryness

The breast skin is more prone to problems, including dryness, than any other area of ​​your body. Do not forget to moisturize your girls, including your nipples!

4. Have you heard about "panties for menstruation"?

Remember those panties that you wear during critical days? As it turns out, for the same reason you need to have another bra! The correct cup of the bra in different periods of the menstrual cycle can differ by the whole size.

3. The best time for examining the mammary glands

Always important select specific cycle days for examining breast tissue - so to speak, compare comparable indicators. But the best time to check for breasts for the presence of pathologies is the period immediately after menstruation, when there is less chance of finding nodules and bumps on the mammary glands. They are not pathology at all, but they can make you worry for no reason.

2. Your nipples are normal

Really. Nipples and areoles are of all shapes and sizes, and they should not be ashamed. If you are worried that you have something unusual, talk with your doctor. But it's not uncommon when they are different for different people.

Pain in the mammary glands is normal

It is perfectly normal, if at different periods of the cycle appears pain in the mammary glands or nipplesThis is due to changes in hormones. Pain can also occur after intense training. Caffeine can increase your sensitivity to pain in this part of the body. If you experience pain in only one breast or if it persists for several weeks, consult your doctor.