11 products to avoid during breastfeeding

Infants are often prone to gassing due to an underdeveloped digestive tract. Because of the immaturity of the body, they experience a feeling of overcrowding with gases, even at night. Although, of course, the ration of a nursing mother can also affect this problem. If you have recently become a mother, you may not know what foods should be avoided. We present to you 11 products, about which it is better to forget for a while breastfeeding, so that the child does not have problems with gas generation.


Can not start your day without a cup of coffee? You are not alone in this! Everyone needs a stimulant to make the morning "kind." Moms of troubled children, do you understand me? When you are breastfeeding, you need to forget about it and find an alternative.


Necessarily no chocolate! We all think that after the birth we will be able to eat whatever we want. But this is not so. Chocolate is a good snack for all women. However, it is one of those products that you will have to give up to avoid gassing in your baby.


Intolerance to dairy products is found in both adults and children. Whole milk and cheese can cause allergies in babies. This is due to the lactose present in these products. One of the symptoms that appear in children with excessive gas formation - they are continuously crying for several days.


The diet of the nursing mother should be varied in order to provide her precious child with quality milk. This means that you need carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. Beans are a good source of protein, but can cause colic in a child.


Are you a carrot lover? If you like to add carrots to vegetable salad, pastries or soup, then if you have an allergy in the child, you will have to stay away from it for the period of breastfeeding. You may notice that your crumbs begin to colic each time you consume this vegetable.


Everyone knows that cabbage is a good source of vitamins, minerals and fiber. In fact, doctors from time to time recommend it to those who suffer from problems of intestinal peristalsis. When it comes to nursing mothers, it is better to reduce consumption or completely eliminate cabbage from your diet.

Sweet potato

Who does not like sweet potatoes? It is a good stimulant for lactation, but can cause bloating in the baby. Because of the child, you may have to give up this product for the period of breastfeeding.


Like cabbage, asparagus contains a carbohydrate, known as raffinose, which causes flatulence. Since the baby's organism is too simple to digest such complex carbohydrates, increased gas production and discomfort may appear.


I know what you're thinking: "And no oranges, right?" It's pretty unfair, but what can young moms do if they want to avoid problems with gas generation in infants? Just abandon them before weaning. Then you can eat plenty.


This little berry is very nutritious and healthy. Strawberry has a characteristic taste and smell, so it fits well with desserts. Unfortunately, it also causes gas formation and an allergic reaction in infants. This means that nursing mothers should avoid it.


Another fruit in the list! Although grapes are rich in vitamin C, you must abandon it. It is acidic and can cause gas formation and indigestion in the child.