In a man's bare chest, no one sees anything shameful, but for some reason a woman needs to be hidden from view. What is the difference between the nipples of the strong and weak sexes?

Differences of female nipples from male

Distinctive features

Before the onset of adolescence, nipples in all children are exactly the same. From the age of 8-10 years under the influence of sex hormones, the tissues of the mammary glands begin to develop rapidly in girls, which is accompanied by the opening of the ducts, and, consequently, by the increase in the nipples. Men's same chest remains the same, and its "pimples" stick out just a couple of millimeters.


Men: no, just "decoration." How can we explain his presence? The fact is that the mammary glands are laid at a very early stage of embryo development, when its sex is still unknown. And if nature decides to make a man a boy, then the nipples remain underdeveloped.

In women: as in all other mammals, the nipples are designed for feeding off the offspring of milk. The rest of the representatives of different civilizations decide according to their traditions. For example, in some tribes of Africa it is customary to expose breasts for show, not caring about its form, and in developed countries it is not only covered up, but also supported with the help of a bra.

Degree of sensitivity

In representatives of both sexes, nipples can have both low and high sensitivity. Therefore, touching this zone can cause both irritation and excitement. Check the sensitivity of the nipples with the help of the most accurate and gentle movements.
If we talk only about women, then in some of them the area around the nipples is one of the most powerful erogenous zones. In this case, unlike the clitoris, the nipples increase not due to blood filling, but because of muscle contraction. Therefore, they swell not only from excitation, but also from cold.

Diseases of nipples

In men: if there is a discharge from the nipple or a painful sensation appears, it is necessary to appear to the doctor. A possible diagnosis is gynecomastia, which mostly affects adolescent boys and persons over 50 years of age. The cause of the ailment is hormonal failure. The consequence is a significant breast enlargement.
In women: for reasons of concern, there are sharp changes, for example: the rapid darkening of the nipples in the absence of pregnancy; their sudden retraction; abundant hair. The appearance of these signs is a guide to immediate consultation with a mammologist.